Allie: do art

This has probably been the coolest project I’ve worked on this semester, and by coolest I mean scariest. So many things with this tried very, very hard to go wrong. But it turned out to be a great experience with digital collage.

From the thumbnail sketch, there were a lot of effects I wanted to do in a lot of media that just would not have agreed with each other on one sheet of paper. I also wanted to see if by breaking it up across the board, I could keep from painting everything yellowbrown, which is my favorite thing to do whenever I try to use watercolor as a base.

The background with all the birds was done in soft pastel and gouache, which really should not have worked, but for some reason did, and I am not going to question it. The lineart was made with pencil and colored pencil, and the tone layer was done with watercolor. I made the stars with tech pen, and then crossed my fingers and put everything together in Photoshop.

This is really something I want to try again!

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