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Project 5! Trying to find a better equilibrium between traditional media mark-making and digital overpainting. I traded alliances from Hot press paper to cold press for this one. It felt so weird painting on felty paper again, but I wanted a little more tooth to grab onto. My friend Glacie suggested I try painting in some of the lines with brush this time, and I haven’t got the steadiest hand for that : S

All in all this really opened up. Im very worried it’s too soft, but it feels like a better direction, and it was a lot less predictable/more exciting than it’s predecessors in terms of how it felt working through it. I’m also really interested to see how it prints, since the others were kind of murky. 

Project 6 is next, and I’ve designed a few other drawings that I’ll be using to further explore this development as well. For now, giant cat-fish! And thanks so much to everybody who’s been following along with my progress on these. Your notes have been so encouraging throughout this whole weird process thing, so yeah, thank you so, so much!!

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